Perspectivas Románticas

David Apellániz - Carlos Apellániz

David and Carlos Apellániz make their album debut presenting two of the most revered and universal piano sonatas from the whole repertoire: Franz Schubert’s ‘Arpeggione’ Sonata and Sergei Rachmaninov’s Sonata in G minor op. 19. Blood ties and a shared appreciation of music make this music duo’s search for uniqueness in sound a truly engaging experience and a never-ending quest for idiomatic perfection. Within the Romantic framework that Schubert and Rachmaninov opuses seldomly provide, this piano and cello duo truly show where the heart is by trascending the obvious contrasts in order to reach for the sublime. On one hand, Schubert’s Arpeggione signals the dawn of Romanticism; on the other, it points the sunset of the Classic era that Schubert also made his own and which the composer resumed with exquisite ease.

David Apellániz always points out that the ‘Arpeggione’ Sonata has always been there as pulse-like reminder of his love of music. In fact, it was the work that marked his beginnings as a cello student with Jacques Doué at Bayonne and later at the Queen Sofía College of Music when he made a real stand by winning the prestigious Musical Youths of Spain Price. It was also the first sonata he played with his brother Carlos when he returned to Spain after completing his studies at the Paris National Conservatory. Apellániz brothers’ very own musical signature is hereby presented in an almost mystic framing that makes clear the duo’s command of articulation and dynamics that goes far beyond virtuosity.

In Rachmaninov’s Sonata for cello and piano, search for the sublime also seems infinite, but quest is here fulfilled within the limits set by the Russian post-Romanticism, a particular stylistic context that requires a very specific sound processing in which expressive control is critical. All things considered, these two milestones happen to be something else when are given Apellániz Dúo’s treatment. Carlos and David reach a higher mark by sharing this subliminal pursuit of the ideal sound and, like a mirror image, Schubert and Rachmaninov’s reflect the Apellániz Dúo awesome artistry in sunlit tones. Technique and flair, deep analysis and meaning. A cello and piano duo at the top of their game.

Mònica Pagès & David Rodríguez Cerdán